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MaxProtrade provides access to block size liquidity for high net worth individual. We are a robust network of trading partners and we take your privacy seriously.


Xbasecoin has an automated dynamic trading that allowing you to trade on different crypto pairs, automatically, in the cloud, 24/7 without creating an account or moving funds across any exchange and generating a profit on every market move.


Subscribe to our exclusive strategies and high-quality trading signals, analyzing over 10,000 crypto pairs every second. Our algorithms automatically detect the coins with the strongest potential. Compound+ plan is necessary to fuel this feature.


The ultimate automated service capable of generating long-term stable profits by the holding or re-investing of a crypto deposit. Keep an eye on your portfolio in real-time as reports of your transactions and balance are automatically generated.

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Instant Exchange Consulting

As soon as you send Bitcoin, your job is done! We lock in your rate immediately and when the transaction is confirmed, Xbasecoin's QuickTrade feature instantly makes trades between any two currencies

Complete Financial Planning

Our low, transparent fees and no trading minimum make it so everyone can take advantage of digital currency. Conveniently trade from any device, and get help from our expert support team whenever you need it.

Safe & Secure Transactions

We do not want your money to be lost or stolen that is why we have a fully autonomous system designed to be highly secured. We are SSL and 2FA enabled, with a 95% cold storage policy on all digital currencies

Dedicated Wallet Management

Our Automated platform allows you to avoid that and gets the best option by analysing all data storage. Our 100% proprietary system has been stress tested and DDoS tested.

Best Business Consulting

Our mission is to build the financial and software infrastructure for Bitcoin while maintaining censorship-resistance, privacy and decentralization. Xbasecoin is SSL and 2FA enabled

Consumer Product Consulting

In Xbasecoin Global platform you will be totally free to decide when you want to deposit, withdraw or reinvest. We manage our ledger consistently so we know where every coin is at all times.

MaxProtrade Cross Rates






Get to know the Affiliate Program

When our Heroes asked for a way to refer investors we responded. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our Xbasecoin Trading Referral Program!
Here’s how it works:


Step 1. Refer your friends
As a Xbasecoin Trading referrer you have the opportunity to refer people to Xbasecoin Trading (“Heroes” as we call them). Just login to you dashboard and copy your referral link, ensure they signup through your link and ensure they become super heroes by investing.


Step 2. We pay you
We will pay you up to 15% of your referral's investment immediately.
We are always looking for new ways to help our community of Heroes. So next time you have a great idea let us know and we’ll make it happen!

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